Partners with Investors, Founders and Leadership Teams to Scale-Up in the B2B Communication and Technology Markets


VARSOVIE is the French name for the city of Warsaw, Poland, an amazing and vibrant place which in many ways inspired us to start our own company.

Warsaw – more than any city in the world- stands for rapid change as it has emerged from a grey and communist era to the dynamic and entrepreneurial capital it is currently today. Once called the Paris of the North and almost completely destroyed in World War II, it has returned to its glory with a rapid changing skyline complemented in 2020 with the tallest building in the EU, the Varso Tower of 310 meters.



VARSOVIE is a partnership of seasoned executives from the B2B communication and technology markets. These particular markets are known to offer very significant value growth opportunities to the smart innovators and to the informed investors that pick the best teams and product-market combinations.

Unfortunately, it is also a known fact that many small innovative companies with solid investors that already sell great products to a closed group of early adopters do not make it any further because they do not have the necessary competences to take them to the next level.

VARSOVIE was founded to solve this problem. VARSOVIE is a unique partnership that offers a very cost effective way for investors, founders and leadership teams to strongly execute on their real growth opportunities and to prepare them for new investors or trade exits when the time and the price is right.

In short, VARSOVIE assists small companies that already have products and customers to scale up to the next level and VARSOVIE assists small divisions within large companies that find it difficult to obtain the resources that are needed to scale up to the next level.

In addition, given the deep B2B communication and technology market knowledge of the individual VARSOVIE partners, VARSOVIE offers tailor made services and projects to investors, founders and leadership teams that need to enter into, to manage, or to exit their engagements in these markets.

VARSOVIE focuses on providing the exact combination of hard and soft skills that are needed to scale up within the B2B communication and technology markets. Which always starts with an assessment of current versus needed leadership and execution skills given a clear and aligned product-market vision.

VARSOVIE only works with clients that are ready to partner for the long term because transformational and sustainable growth is not resolved through a short term project. What is actually needed is a combination of senior skill sets at the right time.

For this reason, the VARSOVIE partners prefer to work with its clients under a monthly one-stop service contract which is tailored to each case based on one or more short and intense workshops with the leadership team of the company. All the VARSOVIE partners are known to deliver direct and pragmatic hands-on support that makes a real impact from day one.




Stand Alone Scale-Up

Venture capital investors do not always have the necessary internal resources to support all of their portfolio companies and not all small company founders and leadership teams have the necessary competences to scale up to the next level.

VARSOVIE partners work as a trusted partner with a selective group of venture capital firms that need support to nurture their investments in the B2B communication and technology markets. Usually this means working with the founder and leadership team of one or more of their portfolio companies on a long term basis.

Internal Scale-Up

Large companies do not always get the best out of their adjacent opportunities partly because the leadership teams of small divisions do not have the competences and experiences to scale up to the next level.

VARSOVIE partners work with large companies that need to unlock adjacent opportunities in the B2B communication and technology markets. This means being available to the divisional management team in a flexible and timely manner as a sparring partner.

Mature Start-Up

Many start up companies in the B2B communication and technology markets are founded by great technology visionaries that usually do not have the commercial and financial skills and experiences to fully reach their potential.

VARSOVIE partners work with promising start up teams that already have created a great minimum viable product which is ready to solve a commercial problem in the B2B communication and technology markets. This means being part of the supervisory board in order to guide the start up leadership team towards being in a position to reach as many customers as possible with great innovative products.

Adhoc Projects

All of the VARSOVIE partners have at least 15 years of senior experience in the B2B communication and technology markets. Which means that they are strongly positioned to support on adhoc projects.

VARSOVIE partners can take charge of and contribute to large projects offering their subject matter expertise when it comes to sourcing adjacent investment opportunities and to executing financing and M&A transactions.

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The VARSOVIE Approach

VARSOVIE offers hands-on support. This means being part of the company leadership team. This means focussing on what matters. This means guiding the team to get the best out of itself. This means being honest and upfront all of the time.

VARSOVIE partners with clients that understand that the best outcomes are achieved when both parties commit to the relationship. It is for this reason that VARSOVIE partners prefer to start with a workshop and then to agree on a flexible service contract which can be amended over time.


The VARSOVIE workshops are prepared and moderated by one of its partners. The first workshop usually focuses on issues around vision, leadership and execution. Follow up workshops can deep dive on market, product, team, technology, IT and finance.

Each workshop is an opportunity for the leadership team to reflect on whether their vision is aligned and realistic, to reflect on their current skills and what is needed in the future, and to reflect on how well the execution of tasks matches with what is required. The desired outcome of a workshop is typically a concrete action plan and XXX.

Service Contracts

A VARSOVIE service contract is designed with the maximum flexibility at the minimum cost to the client. VARSOVIE offers a one-stop service contract that allows a client to benefit from a team of experts when they are needed.

A VARSOVIE service contract ensures a set amount and type of support per month. If no support is required in one month available credits can be rolled over and if more support is required the service contract includes a clear set of upfront options for that to be delivered.

The VARSOVIE Fee Structure

The mantra of VARSOVIE is to keep things simple and to the point. This is reflected in the fee structure. Workshops are priced at a fixed cost per day. The first workshop is waived once a service contract is agreed.

VARSOVIE's service contracts are priced based on a simple menu of support needed which can be amended on a monthly basis. An important additional element is success based fees that allow VARSOVIE and its clients to share in the upside value created through the collaboration.


VARSOVIE partners focuses on B2B communication and technology companies based in Europe.

More specifically, VARSOVIE partners focuses on companies that offer B2B and B2B2C digital technology services, and B2B communications services.

Examples of typical VARSOVIE clients are XXX.




Frans-Willem is a founding partner who ...


Steen is a founding partner who was recently the CFO of a corporate division that grew its revenue strongly from €300m to €1.5bn. He has diligenced hundreds of companies resulting in over €1bn of non-binding offers, he has raised more than €100m of growth capital, and he has made acquisitions of over €100m in the technology, communications and B2B sectors, as well as, being a core team member in €41bn of cable operator acquisitions in Europe.


At the moment VARSOVIE consists of the two founding partners and several associate partners that contribute with certain senior core skills like human resources, technology, IT and product. As VARSOVIE is growing we are always looking for new partners. If you think you have the right profile and share the VARSOVIE passion then please do contact us.


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